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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ZhouZhuang - Venice Of The East

Traveling to ZhouZhuang took us about few hours from Shanghai, ZhouZhuang or Zhou Villa is a town in Jiangsu provience loca
ted 30 km southeast of SuZhou.

ZhouZhuang is a popular tourist destination
and the most famous water township in China and it also known as "Venice Of The East", it resembles the Italian city of Venice and International Heritage Site by the United Nations.

Here is few photos of the Venice of The East....

ZhouZhuang famous pork leg

saw the shop owner playing with the flute very catchy

One of ZhouZhuang famous bridge

Chen YiFei and the twin bridge

saw a tafu far

bought 1 and it was delicious can't remember how much is it

we also got a chance to go on a boat ride

Haiboa Mascot at ZhouZhuang

stone carving of ZhouZhuang

the entrance at night

After that we go for dinner and try out ZhouZhuang famous pork leg

ZhouZhuang famous pork leg

The lion head meat ball also quite famous

I just wish we could spend more time here, as it was SuZhou public holiday that day and the place is pack with tourists from locals and outside.

Here is the video of the place


iamthewitch said...

Ahh nice place! Definitely resembles Xi Tang.. love this sort of peaceful ambience eh? :)

Daniel Yiek said...

I went there once. Would prefer they dont modernize it so much

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