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Friday, April 23, 2010

Hotels I Stay At During My Travel To Shanghai

Before I continue on my next travel post, I'm sure you all would like to know which hotels I stay at my entire Shanghai trip.

TaiLong Business Hotel at HangZhou staying on our first day on our arrival and final day at HangZhou

Morning view of the hotel

Night view of the hotel

SuZhou E-Centre Hotel

Beside the hotel, there is lots of flowers ( are those sakuras??)

YangZhou Yunjin International Hotel

I like this hotel service as they provide computer at every room but sadly can't log on to facebook and blogspot account due to China ban, but I can still able to log on to friendster account.


Yellow Mountain (HuangShan)

HuangShan Gujin Hotel


Tiandu International Hotel 5 star morning view

Tiandu International Hotel 5 star night view

Stay tune as I'll be blogging each the interior of the hotel in my next post.

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