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Monday, April 5, 2010

HangZhou - Lei Feng Pagoda

Lei Feng Pagoda is our second destinations after the Xihu Tiandi - West Lake which is located south of West Lake, the original Pagoda was collapse very long time ago. The price for the ticket is 40 yuan.

The Lei Feng Pagoda was built in year of 977, but it was suffered two wars which got burn and only had some beams and the outlooking standing still there, but at September 25th, 1924, the old Lei Feng Pagoda collapsed suddenly only have the base left. The Lei Feng Pagoda we saw now was rebuilt on 2000, and finished at 2002.

There are 2 ways going up the Pagoda either by walking up the stairs and if you are lazy to walk up you can take the escalator instead.

The view from the escalator

The Pagoda

Inside the Pagoda

you can also buy some souvenir here

some of the display about the pagoda

the pagoda history

The original structure of Lei Feng Pagoda which collapse

Take the lift up

The awesome view at the top of the Pagoda

There were other lagend about the fallen Pagoda


Ras said...

wow is historical~

FiSh said...

wow u must have walked a great distance based on the pictures

M-Knight said...

Fish : yes it a very very very long way up

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