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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Old Malaysian RM500 Notes

I was at my friend house the other day when I notice an old RM500 notes use back in the day around the 80s at his collections on the cupboard, which is quite rare to find right now. To me I only saw the money once back then as a little kid.

the front view of the note

the back view of the note

I also ask if he interested of selling the money or not.... he said it not for sell, as it very rare to find now a days.


Ken Wooi said...

thanks for sharing.. i never knew there's a rm500 note before!

Wee Sheong said...

wow, same here. I had never see a rm 500 before! thx for sharing! :)

Ezra Sang said...

I only see it once in my entire life, 6 yrs old that time I guess. And I'm also a banknote collector, can't afford to buy RM500 and RM1000, what to do, still a student. =(

Borneo Falcon said...

The note is well preserved. It will worth a fortune in the future

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