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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Haibao Shanghai Expo 2010 Mascot

Everywhere you go in Shanghai, you will saw Haibao Shanghai Expo 2010 Mascot which will be on 1 May.

Here is some of the place I saw the mascot

TunXi Ancient Street at Anhui HuangShan

At Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower

At ZhouZhuang

After seen so many Haibao for the past few days, I finally couldn't resist of buying 1 myself which is REMB50.

Isn't it cute... my friends been asking how come didn't buy more, I told that I can't buy more as my luggage is already full.


jocelyncoco said...

sooo cute <3

iamthewitch said...

Aw so cute!!

smallkucing said...

cute should have bought more. Tapau put into boxes lah. Great as gifts

M-Knight said...

coco & iamthewitch : yeah it so cute

M-Knight said...

smallkuching: yeah... I wan to buy more but my luggage is already overweight..can not buy more...:(

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