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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower

In the morning at our 3rd day of Shanghai trip, we went to the famous Oriental Pearl Tower located at Lujiazui at Pudong District.

At the entrance

saw Haibao doing a funny sign "oh...I'm so small" Lol....

going up the lift all the way to level 263 is the observatory level

there is also a information about the tower show at the screen

Here is the fantastic view of the city of Shanghai

Shanghai World Financial Center and Jin Mao Tower

Here is the video of the fantastic Shanghai view

at one of the level where you can walk on the glass floor, but didn't manage to take photos as there were too many people at that time.

Here is the video of me walking on the glass floor

I was told that view at night time is even more beautiful but we don't have the time as we heading to our next destination SuZhou.


iamthewitch said...

Wah lucky you! You went up the tower? How much was the ticket? Heard that it was expensive :P Also, you're so daring to walk on the glass floor! I think I sure can't walk on that.. to scared! :P

M-Knight said...

the ticket price is around RMB190 something.
yeah I saw a lot of people shaking and don't dare to go near the glass floor

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