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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TunXi Ancient Street @ Anhui

Tunxi Ancient Street is in Tunxi City, at the foot of Mt. Huangshan. The street starts in the west at Zhenhai Bridge, a stone arch bridge built during the Ming Dynasty, and ends in the east at the "Tablet of Memorial Archways." There are hundreds of old but well preserved rows of shops, evoking a bygone era in buildings that are simple and elegant.

The lion head at the entrance

Dico's is everywhere in Shanghai

The Haibao Mascot at the entrance

I notice a food seller at the entrance

The biscuit here is quite nice

This store has a history looks at those photos of pass successors it cost me RMB 0.5o cent each

As I walk further down I notice a board which sell stone
biscuit which is quite famous as it was pass down from generation to generations

there were many customers at the place so I just pass by

There also a museum here.. the entrance fee is RMB 50 yuan,

pass by another food shop selling some biscuit

Walking further down again

Chinese brand cigarettes

I notice this cute little kid... couldn't resist taking photo..notice the torn pants..hehe...

pass by few restaurant

notice an owl at the side wonder is this for sell or can be eaten forgot ask the owner (never eaten an owl before)

Walking back


Dewi Batrishya said...

Interesting Post..
Loved the Pics! ^^

iamthewitch said...

Oh my poor boy with the torn pants! Nice place that you went! :)

ai wei said...

a very nice blog u have! love the pics ^^

M-Knight said...

iamthewitch: yeah the kid with the torn pants is cute...:)

M-Knight said...

dewi batrishya & ai wei : thanks..:)

Ensurai said...

traditionally boys in China would wear pants with a slit just there for easy toilet purposes...but again it could just be a tear...

I love old buildings of China.

thanks..must go there one day.

Chong Wee said...

hey, shanghai was cool right. i went there end of last year. and i wanted to go again, it was awesome

Daniel Yiek said...

That's not a tear in the boy's pants. It's common to see such pants worn by kids in China - for passing motion. ;-)

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