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Friday, May 1, 2009

The Sun And Moon Pagodas At Two River and Four Lake

Not far from The Elephant Hill Park is the The Sun And Moon Pagodas at Two river and Four Lakes which can travel on foot

Shan Lake is famous for its Twin Pagodas, the Sun and Moon Pagodas. The 9-storied Sun Tower is 41 meters high, made of solid bronze, while the 7-storied Moon Tower is 35 meters high, made of wood and glazed tiles. They have become another symbol of the city of Guilin. Both pagodas are located in the middle of the lake. The Moon Pagoda can be reached by a bridge, but the Sun pagoda must be reached by an underwater passage located between the two pagodas. Altogether there are 19 bridges connecting the two rivers and four lakes. These 19 bridges are styled after famous bridges at home and abroad.

This statue is located at the entrance of the of Banyan lake

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