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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Impression Liu Shan Jie or 3rd Sister Liu

We arrive at YangShou to watch the Impression Liu Shan Jie or 3rd sister Liu that night. The Set was very beautiful with mountain as it background. The place is invest by the famous director Zhang Zi Mou. The actor are local peoples among them are farmers and fisherman by day and actors by night, it took about 800 actors take part in the play and there is about 5000 spectator every night to see the play.

The ticket cost around 200 yuan

At the entrance there is a lot of people can't wait to get in


There is a lot of people and the show start around 7pm

The Show begin

the special effect and the lighting is absolutely great

I found two video at youtube about the play enjoy.....

I really has a great time watching the show, hope in the future I'll be back for 2nd time around.


jam said...

Haha, you watched the show as well! Great isn't it? Like Beijing Olympic opening ceremony :)

Anonymous said...

I wanna tell is the show is worst, no life music, just paly the CD. All the performer is just like in Olympic opening show. it also like a boat festival over Malaysia here. I can't feel the spirit of Liu Shan Jie. its boring looking performer walk here and there, thats all and nothing.

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