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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gu Po San

This is Gu Po Shan , this is also the filming location of the two hit dramas in the 90s.

To reach the two filming site we have to take a TUT-TUT car:

The older TUT-TUT car

The New aircon TuT-TuT car

There is also thing for sell here.

The filming site if the hit drama of The Family produce Wine

The display of the cast:

The filiming sit drama about making a teh.

This is the Female Immortal Waterfall here but it not the same in the drama, as you already know that you can combine the site together when filming a drama.

Going up these stair is very tiring but the view here is great.

We also saw few peacock hanging around, but it was camera shy won't show us its beautiful fearther.

(Aw man show us ur beautiful feather )

The place is fun where I can see in person, the location of the 2 hit drama filming location.

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