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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bamboo Raft Ride @ Yulong River GuiLin

We take a ride on the Bamboo Rift Ride along the smaller Li River in Guilin

It wasn't as easy as it looks

Stop here taking few photos and saw a few smaller raft going down the stream... looks like fun

see the bridge at the background it was build during the Ming Dynasty
(wonder how they going to bring the raft up? didn't stay to watch it)

We also saw the cormorant bird, the fishermen train them to catch fish and not to eat them as their neck were tie to prevent the bird from swallowing the fish.

(see the neck is tie to prevent from swallowing the fish)

There is also some gifts you can buy it 10 yuan each

After hanging around the place for a while, we head back to town for lunch.

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