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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Ballet Circus - Dream Like Li Jiang

On the final day in GuiLin China, we went to see the last show before we fly home to Malaysia. We went to see a Ballet Circus title Dream Like Li Jiang.

The price for the ticket is 100 yuan.

Before the show begin I went to the toilet, there I saw a TV infront, I ask the crews there why there got TV at the toilet, he said if you wanna go but don't wan to miss the show you can enjoy the live telecast from there as you never has to miss out the show in between.

As there is a rule that NO CAMERA is allow during the whole show, I can't manage to take photos.
The whole show is very good, it have special lighting and effects were excellent and some where in between the show there is a comedy too.

It a 1 hour show and after the show there is a photos taking with the cast members.

Overall the show is excellent and love the special effects.

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