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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Nuffnang Earning of 2009

I start to blog April this year after saw my friend the fun of blogging and sign up to Nuffnang upon recommendation from my friends and my first earning reach RM50 in August just 4 month of blogging and now it reach RM100 something in December that I'm cashing it out now.

My star skyscraper and Large Rec rating goes from 3 star for 8 month then 4 star last month and this month is in full star, wonder why Leader board didn't get full star yet.

This is my Nuffnang earning till today and I know it not much compare to some other bloggers. This is how it looks like before I made the cash out.

I been given more campaigns and bonus in August, November and twice December from Nuffnang. This is how it looks like before you made the cash out.

This is how it looks like after you made the cash out from your earning. The amount goes back to 0 again and The campaign and the metered earning no more showing.

So right now I have to wait for 1 month to process my first pay cheque to arrive. So hopefully my next year earning will be more. Thank you all for coming in to read my blog.


Ken Wooi said...

rm100, that's a good amount!
keep it up! =)

emencer said...

congrats!hmm how u get that ha??i'm stil RM1.25...I start join nuffnang on nov 09...

araleling said...

wow, full 5 stars, I never get that O_O congratz~!!

M-Knight said...

kenwooi : thanks.

emencer : thank you.. hard work I think..:p u keep it up

araleling : thank you.. yeah but only 2 get full star still waiting the other 1 to get full star as well... cheers

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