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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Egypt Visiting The Pharaoh Tomb 2006 Travel

Egypt is famous for it monuments like The Pyramid, Pharaoh Ancient Tomb and also The Sphinx and this is some of the photos of the place in my 2006 travel. The weather there were very hot and I sweat a lot there, but at night it was very very cold.

The Pyramid

Tomb of the Pharaoh but I have forgot what is the name.

Inside the place, the craving at the wall and at the ceiling.

Night view of The Pyramid and The Sphinx

Egypt is a wonderful place to visit and it is one of The 7 Wonder Of The world. Sadly I didn't take much pictures then. Hopefully the next time I go there I'll take more pictures of the place.

1 comment:

jfook said...

Wish I have chance to witness the wonder of pyramid too.

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