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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Tree Contest At Wisma Sanyan 2009

It Christmas again and 12 Christmas tree is up for the running for this year most decorated Christmas Tree Decoration Contest for 2nd year.

Here are the trees that been set up by various company :

The 1st half of the decorations

Farley Supermarket Tree

The Sugarbun Tree

The 1 Malaysia Delta Christmas Tree

Subur Tiasa Tree

KingWood Tree

KTS Tree

At the middle you will see the council tree which is not part of the contest

The 2nd half of the decoration

Sing Kwong Supermarket Tree

Pansar Tree

Tanahmas Hotel Tree

Daesim Tree

Zoo Bee Garden Tree

Ta Ann Tree

This year the trees design is very creative than last year. Which of these tree will go home with the prize?? Let find out.
I wanted to get a more clear shot at the tree but half way taking the photo of the trees it start to rain a little bit so I just have to speed up the photos taking.

1 comment:

Ensurai said...

This is indeed very careful work...very pleasing to the eyes.


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