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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My 2009 Flashback

So far my 2009 has been a great year, here is some of the things which I have done and happening thought out the year in no particular order.

The King Wayne Lai and Queen Sheren Tang Of TVB

Go to Sibu Culture Festival in Sibu and meet The PM and Sarawak Chief Minister

The first ever Lantern Festival in Sibu

The Launching of The Yu's Dolphin in Sibu

Go to Turkey In Sept

Go to China for the first time in March

Visit China again for company trip The Great Wall in Beijing in Nov

The completion of Jade Dragon Temple is Sibu

Visit The Hospital Museum in Sibu

Fly to Penang visit after fly back from Guilin China in March

Visit The National Monument in KL

Melacca Visit

The launching of The RV Orient Pandaw cruse touring around Sarawak

The completion of The Hoover Square Sibu

Completion of Sibu Methodist Church

The opening of the Sarawak New DUN and Kuching visit

Scuba Diving at Pulau Perhentian
- say hello to Nemo and his dad

Katoon Network win Astro 舞极限 Battleground

Micheal Jackson shocking pass away which shock the world

Christmas Tree Display at Wisma Sanyan Sibu

Start to blog this year.

Win my first Nuffnang Contest The Storm Warrior Movies tickets, but I didn't make it so I pass it to my friends to watch instead.

This is my 2009 flashback. What is yours?

1 comment:

eiling lim said...

OMG that's many places! Happy New Year!

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