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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Around Malacca

Well this is the end of my journey in Malacca as it was only a day trip and I miss out on some of the places because I spend too much time at the Malacca museum and further more I didn't stay overnight.

Here is some of the interesting place you will see at Malacca

A well known kopitiam in Malacca said by my friend.. but we didn't go inside

The Malacca River also known as Laksamana Point

Near The Dataran Pahlawan

Jonkers Street only available at night in the day time it just a street...

I'll be back next time around to bring you more about the place.


foongpc said...

Nice photos! Makes me feel like going Melaka! Did you stop by the Riverside Kopitiam?

M-Knight said...

No...:( we didn't go inside.

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