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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fifa World Cup Award 2010

Finally the World Cup 2010 has ended and here is the list of awards goes to the countries and players

Spain won The world Cup 2010

Adidas Golden Ball Award won by
The Uruguay striker Diego Forlan has been named Best Player at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Adidas Golden Boot Award won by
Thomas Muller of Germany

Adidas Golden Glove won by Iker Casillas of Spain

Hyundai Best Young Player won by Thomas Muller of Germany

Fifa Fair Play Award won by The Champion Spain


JadyCloud said...

hate you world cup, you snatch my hubby away and finally you are gone! don't come back for another 4 years.

Ken Wooi said...

everybody is missing world cup =P

foongpc said...

I am missing the World Cup! Also missing Paul The Octopus and the Vuvuzelas!! Haha

The Blogger (63672674) said...

i now have a new toy the vuvuzela!

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