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Monday, May 10, 2010

Hi-Tea At Secret Recipe @ Sibu

"Secret Recipe" recently open an outlet in Sibu located at Jalan Pahlawan and as it was Mother's Day yesterday me and my friends decided to check the place out and buy some cake.

Here is the place....

inside the outlet

there wasn't any choice at the counter as some most of the cake were sold out as it was mother's day and we order the only cake available cheese cake on the counter

the cake we buy and try

the drinks

Ice chocolate with cream

Flat white coffee

The place is a good place to hangout with families and friends.

The Address:
Secret Receipe
Lot 71 - 73, Lorong Pahlawan 9,
Jalan Pahlawan 96000 Sibu.

Happy Mother's Day To Every Mothers


iamthewitch said...

Oh Sibu finally has Secret Recipe eh? But not a good idea to go during Mother's day as most of the cakes would be gone! Hehe.. how did you like the cheese cake there? And the ice chocolate! Yum! :P

SonnyKazu said...

secret recipe's cakes are sellin fast... and quite expensive too... haih... >.<

nebular said...

I love to have a cake around here coz it taste yummy, but miss a lot Sibu my home town.

M-Knight said...

SonnyKazu: yupp the cakes were selling fast...

nebular: yeah us should come back once a while.. Sibu has change so much now

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