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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cheng Huang Temple - City God Temple @ Shanghai

After visiting The Oriental Pearl Tower we head to Cheng Huang Temple or City God Temple to have our lunch and spend 2 hour shopping here.

Didn't take much photos here as most of the time spending time looking for gifts for my families and friends and here is some photos here.

Saw a Starbuck Coffee outlet but didn't go in as the coffee is quite expensive in China

Lots of tourist that day

my friend and I later go have another round trying out something new

Ma Lak Fen ( spicy mee hoon)

'tang bao"

found another Dico's the place is same like KFC and MacDonald's

here is the menu from Monday to Sunday

the stall selling "Ping Tang Hu Lu"

My friend bought "Ping Tang Hu Lu"

this place also sell "tang pau" look at all this people lining up to buy the pau


jfook said...

The temple still got Starbucks. So cool..

ArsenVids said...

I am here.following your blog too.

Ken Wooi said...

so nice.. the water spray looks like a heart shape =)

JAI said...

Yeahhh..been here before..from Beijing took train to shanghai 14 hours journey..nice place luv it

ohmywtf said...

lol..weird to see Starbucks fit into the very ancient architecture :-)

Loo Yi Han said...

hey there, nice post (:

uLi.佑莉 said...

Oh u went on day time ya... got lots of foods there...hehe!

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