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Friday, May 7, 2010

Dr Sun Yet San And Mdm Song Qing Ling Shanghai Former Residence

At Shanghai we visit Dr Sun Yet San and his wife Mdm Song Qing Ling Former Residence.

Dr Sun Yet San Shanghai Former Residence

The former residence of Dr Sun Yet San, founder of the Chinese Nationalist Party and his wife Mdm Song stayed here between 1918 to 1924. Dr Sun and his wife were supported by overseas Chinese in Canada who collect money to buy the house in support of Dr Sun's revolutionary activities.

Today, all the rooms are arranged as they were when Dr. Sun lived here and the house is a fascinating insight into the life of the revolutionary man. The small entrance fee lets you wander round the house and gardens and refreshingly, this is one sight which is usually peaceful and free from the crowds.

Former Residence of Mdm Song Qing Ling

Mdm Song Qing Ling was the wife of the revolutionary,Dr Sun Yat Sen. Song lived at this house on Huai Hai Lu at various stages in her life until she died in 1948.Mdm Song Qing Ling (unlike her sister Mei Ling) remained faithful to the revolutionary cause throughout her entire life and was made an "Honorary President" of the People's Republic.

The house here was built in 1920, and is a pretty western-style three-storied villa. Both this house and Dr Sun Yat Sen's former residence are fascinating insights into old Shanghai. There is a pleasant garden here too.

It was in a room here that Mdm Song Qing Ling met leading members of the party and government, and entertained numerous foreign heads of government.

Upstairs are Mdm Song Qing Ling's bedroom and office and a quaint display of what are designated to be "Culture Relics" that she used during her lifetime.

Yeah it was great to visit 2 most importance people
former residence in China.


Kelvin said...

Is the car theirs too?

M-Knight said...

Kelvin: yupp...

Ensurai said...

It must be terribly nice to be there and see all these...have a good trip!!

Tour guides over there are very well educated.

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