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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Top Stories Of The Decade

A decade has pass but do you all still remember what had happen the pass year? Here is a count of what has happen starting from year 2000 to 2009.


The New Millennium The Year 2000

Sydney Millennium Olympics


US under terrorist attack Sept 11

The Year 2001 is the year to be remember by as US was under terrorist attack on 911, where 2 plane crash on The World Trade Center and destroy and many life were lose that day , The Pentagon suffer little damage and lucky the 3rd plane didn't make it in time as the heroic passengers over take the plane and crash outside Pennsylvania or it maybe the The White House were damage or destroy that day. Afghanistan were to be blame and military action accuse as Al-Quede ally.


Bali Bombing where a lot of tourist we killed that day


Iraq Invasion

The outbreak of SARS


Asia Tsunami claim many life in Indonesia, Malaysia and other Asian countries

Tsunami Asia - Dec2004 - Picture Gallery


Pope John Paul II pass away

London transit bombings


Saddam Hussein sentence to death


Iphone mania take the world by storm


Barrack Obama become 1st US black President

The Beijing Olympics


H1N1 outbreak

Barrack Obama wins The Nobel Peace Prize

Micheal Jackson the king of pop pass away

Farrah Fawcet play Charlie's Angel TV series in 1970s pass away

There you have it the top 10 headline new of the decade. Hope you all like it.

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