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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fenghuang (Phoenix) Ancient Town

Phoenix Town is located in the western part of Central China's Hunan Province, south of the Tujia and Miao prefectures.

Fenghuang is the home to minority ethnic groups, mainly Miao and Tujia nationalities. The batik and tie-dye are very popular among the minorities here. Miao and Tujia have their own ways to produce the cloth with unique folk patterns.

Phoenix Town's history can be traced back to the Qin Dynasty (221 B.C. - 206 B.C.). During ancient times it was called "Wu Gan," before being changed to its present Feng Huang name in the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911).

Phoenix Town was built during Emperor Kangxi period(1661-1622). This 'little pearl' is indeed little: there is only one avenue inside the town.

"Feng Huang" is Chinese for "Phoenix," the mythical bird of good omen and longevity that is consumed by fire to be re-born again from the flames.

Phoenix Town is so called as legend has it that two of these fabulous birds flew over it and found the town so beautiful that they hovered there, reluctant to leave.

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