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Friday, January 29, 2010

Heaven and Earth Pillar Mountain 2009 Visit

Remember my last post about the Chinese Government rename "Heaven and Earth Pillar" or "South Sky Pillar" to "Avatar Hallelujah Mountain," at Zhangjiajie city click here.

Here is the photos from my March 2009 travel photos of the place.

some locals selling food before going up

the mountain view from below

journey up to the mountain on the sky train

the mountain scene from above

saw some houses also got cable tv as well

still long way up

view below like snake

it doesn't stop there yet as we journey to the cloud

Yeah... the place is indeed a nice place to visit.. will be going back again to the 2nd time, as the air is fresh and very cold too when on top of the sky.


Ensurai said...

Marvellous photos!

What to do?" I am afraid of heights.
so have to depend on second hand thrills by looking at photos like yours!


M-Knight said...

thanks... but I too am afraid of heights but still going up to see the amazing view

fufu said...

wow nice!!! my next target when i backpack to china again :) i have friend studying there =p

Henry Tan said...

nice trip! those roads really so.... snake-y!
and must be fun going into the clouds!

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