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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shop Till You Drop At Yashow Clothing Market Beijing

Yashow Clothing Market is one of the market we go to buy cloths and stuff, the place is full of tourists to buy cloths and gadgets.

The price here is very expensive but you can bargains till 80% from the normal price, the quality of the goods is as good sell outside only here more like a warehouse sales.

Here is some of the stuffs sold here:

As for me I manage to buy 3 4G memory card for my camera about REM35 each after bargaining at the starter price of REM 100 each.


Nava Kishnan said...

Sounds like the Petaling Street for the bargaining in prices.

Isaac Tan said...

Shopping paradise eh?

soulesscloudy said...

what is 4G card??

Thomas Lee said...

something like the Namdaemun market in Seoul.

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