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Thursday, June 16, 2011

S. Alexeevsky Church At Harbin China

S. Alexeevsky Church is the second Church we visit in Harbin, unlike St Sophia which is for tourist attraction only, the S. Alexeevsky Church is still in use to conduct mass and since that day is Sunday we drop by to have our Sunday mass.

side view

I notice on the window the word is J.S which J stand for Jesus but not sure what S stand for anyone know what S stand for?

inside the Church alter

the church square

Originally the church is Eastern Orthodox Church was built in 12 Oct 1930 and complete in 6 Oct 1935 by Russians ,but later it was convert to Roman Catholic Church after the Russians has gone back to Russia.

back view

The Clock tower at the church

The Church is well manage under the management of the Harbin Municipal Government.

I notice there is a group of people at the side so I go have a look

there is a group of old people singing some old Russian song or just Chinese song not sure can't understand what they singing, but it was a nice song


Eudora Priscilla said...


colinjong said...

very colour-saturated pictures, nice. :)

Biqque said...

how do u go to harbin? from beijing?

M-Knight said...

Biqque: yes from Beijing u can travel by plane for 2 hours or by train for 4 hours... :)

Anne Lee said...

wow,the interior of the church is so grand.

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