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Friday, July 10, 2009

Sibu Borneo Culture Festival 2009

The Borneo Cultural Festival which is held every year in Sibu town is back again from 3 July to 11 July 2009. Normally I wouldn't stick by because the events were held later in the evening, but this time I decide to hangout around. Here is my coverage of the festival on Sunday 5 July 2009.

I arrive at the Wisma Sanyan around 2pm, since there is nothing to see at that time I decide to head to King Cinema to see The Transformer "Revenge Of The Fallen" again for the second time to kill time. At that time they are rehearsing for the night event, you know The Prime Minster is coming so everything has to be prefect.

Here is the Chinese section food place, a lot of yummy food to try.

Some opening by the VIPs

The Visitor Information Centre located nearby the Chinese community area.

Inside got free internet access.

Sibu Art Association held an art and photography exhibition at the sheltered car park area.

Here is some of the art and photos display there.

The Sunset that day.

The moon shine so bright that night.

The main event that night at arrival of The Prime Minister Datuk Najib and Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Pehin Taib Mahmud and his cabinet ministers.

The Prime Minister

Chief Minister Of Sarawak with his tight bodyguard

Assemblyman Larry Sng

Gerakan Chief Tan Sri Dr Kho Tsu Khoon

One for the album a lot of photographers taking group photos

Welcoming the Prime Minister singing "Sibu We Welcome You".

The fireworks is awesome. I should have stay longer for the firework and I"m too tired already that time.

Display of State flags

I had a great time that night and after that I went for supper with few of my friends.

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DC said...

Seems like a fun event to attend.

Thomas Lee said...

Looks like most of the events in Sibu is held there,the last time i was there, BASE jumpers were jumping from the top of Wisma Sanyan.

M-Knight said...

DC: yupp it is a fun event

thomas: yeah.. u r right most of the event is held at Wisma Sanyan area

vina said...

Hi M-Knight,

I share a link for your post in our event page
Hope to hear from you.

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