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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dr Sun Yet San Memorial Hall

When you reach GuangZhou, there is a Hall which you have to visit, what I'm saying here is Dr Sun Yet San Memorial Hall.

Dr Sun Yet Sen Memorial Hall, which was designed by reputable Chinese Architect, Lu YanZhi, Dr Sun was the great forerunner of Chinese Revolution.

Sponsored by the people of GuangZhou and overseas Chinese, the construction of the hall started in 1929 and was completed in 1931. The hall stands on the same ground where the presidential palace used to be.

The grand octagonal building looks brand new today following its reconstruction in 1998, which resulted in an architectural masterpiece of typical chinese architectural style, the hall spans 71 metres (about 78 yards) from end to end in all directions without a pillar. It can hold thousands of people in one time.

Inside the hall is a gallery displaying pictures which I'll be showing in part 2.

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