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Friday, April 24, 2009

China Trip at Fubo(Whirlpool) Hill in Gulin

This is Fubo(Whirlpool) Hill at Guilin China:

Thousand Men Pot

Thousand Buddha Caves

The Scholar Stones

It's said that a person who puts his hand down to the rock of the hill can connect the hill and the earth together will be successful in the examination that is held by the emperor

Kui Shui Pavilion

JingJiang Castle was the home of one of the enthroned princes of the Ming Dynasty. JingJiang Castle is located at the center of Guilin city, with an area of 6,100 square meters, and the Solitary Beauty Peak, is a tall mountain peak that's located inside the JingJiang Mansion. The Solitary Beauty Peak is another major scenic spot in Guilin city, and in ancient times, it was known as the "sky supporting pillar".

Around The Area

Have no idea what is it

This is all about the place here stay tune for the next post.

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