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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Won "If I'm A The Storm Warrior" Contest

Hurray... a while ago I receive an email from Nuffnang that I have won "If I'm A Storm Warrior" contest and since I can't make it to watch the premier that day so I ask 2 of friends who help me in the contest to go on my behalf to watch the premier screening of the Storm Warrior at GSC Midvalley on 9 Dec.

I'm so excited as it was my first time won something from nuffnang and to two of my friends have fun...:D.

There will be lot of celebrities there. :D

Confirmed Celebrities are as follows:

- Chui Ling ( TV Host & Actress )

- Carmen Soo ( Actress )

- Belle Theng ( Ms Astro Internation 2009 )

- Soo Wincci ( Ms. World Malaysia 2008/2009 )

- Chen Keat Yoke ( Winner for Chinese International Singer Competition _

- Jack & Thomas ( Ling Yu Zhong - Actors & Singers )

- One Lik Meng ( Hip Hop Singer )

- Gary Yap ( DJ & Singer )

- Lam Tak Wing ( Actor, MY FM DJ )

- Ngan Mei Yan ( TV Hostess, MY FM DJ )

- Nicholas ( MY FM DJ )

Thank You Nuffnang for the tickets.

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