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Monday, May 9, 2011

Quick Travel Update

I know.. I know... I hasn't been updating my blog quite often as before that I have been busy with my work and also recently been traveling to Korea, China and Penang.

At Beijing Airport

Harbin Airport
In China



Merryn said...

Cepat cepat update and tell us all about ur trip :)

Anne Lee said...

you went for work or vacation?

M-Knight said...

MIss N: vacation

Diana Diane Teo said...

Hi, M-Knight. Came across your blog here and would leave comment.
Wow~ Another travel blog. Nice and awesome. I blog about travel too. Feel free to drop by and follow my blog.

By the way, I plan to go Korea soon and I saw u had been to Korea. Blog more about Korea leh~

Anonymous said...

hi, help support my mom and "like on her pic"

Thank you so much

Family Travellers said...

I like your blog. Great pictures. Makes me want to go to all those place. Our family loves to travel in Asia.

Unknown said...

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