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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rev. James M. Hoover Memorial Garden

The Hoover Memorial Garden is another attraction in Sibu which located at Sg Merah area opposite the Shell oil depot. The place is not easy to find as I miss the place few times due to no sign board to show where the place at.

This is the only sign available which is not visible to everyone when pass by quite small

The place

wonder why it the widow oil?

At the side there is 9 lamb post representing each moral value

Here is the History Of Rev James Hoover

Here a long stretch of marble structure is the 1118 star represent a pioneer migrant bought in by Rev James Hoover to Sibu that time.

Th garden is also a good place to hangout

The place is a nice place to hangout but my only complain is the place has no sign to show where it is.
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