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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Charles Brooke Memorial @ Kuching

The Brooke Memorial is just in front the Court House and opposite the water front. The 6 meter high granite obelisk was commissioned in 1924 to honor, Rajah Charles Brooke. Behind the memorial was the colonial baroque Clock Tower added in 1883.

There is also writing about Charles Brooke when he born, date he ruled Sarawak and the year he past away in English, Iban, Chinese and Jawi.

At the corner of the obelisk is a bronze panel of four figures representing the main races Chinese, Dayak, Kayan and Malay of Sarawak.

The place at night time.

Sorry for some of the photos, I didn't notice the camera hood is blocking some part of the photos till I check when I reach home. I'll be back soon to recapture the whole place again.

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