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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Announcements Of Independent Of Malaya At Malacca

Malacca is famous for its history in Malaysia and one of it is The Announcement of Independent of Malaya Federation by the late Tunku Abdul Rahman in 1956 in Malacca.

The picture above show Tunku Abdul Rahman was greeted by people of Malacca upon arriving from London and make its first announcement at The Dataran Pahlawan that Malaya is now free from The British.

The two picture below is taken from The
Malacca Museum in Malacca.

A little tip to all... if you are doing the history about Malacca and Malaysia, the Malacca Museum is the place to be. When I was there, I saw a lot of students come to The Malacca Museum to do their projects research.

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