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Friday, June 5, 2009

Creepy Crawler

I have post this picture before when sharing "Four River And Four Lakes" but didn't talk more about it.

This photo of taken by one of our tour member accidentally stumble upon this two tail creepy crawler (the Lizard by the way) beside the river side and it was shedding skin. They all gather around the lizard to takes photo of the lizard but I didn't know what is going on over there as I was busy taking photos at other place.

I only realize after we leave the place and they keep on talking about it on the bus and show me the two tail lizard that taken and so I ask for the photo to be send to me when we reach home.

I know... I know it would be awesome if this two tail lizard was a two headed lizard that day it will be worth capturing this creepy crawler home.

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