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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sibu BASE Jump 2011

The next day we travel to Sibu to watch Sibu BASE Jump at Wisma Sanyan, after we watch the International Borneo Kite Festival 2011 in Bintulu.

By the time we reach Sibu there is lots of people waiting for jumpers to jump from the 27th floor of Wisma Sanyan. There is 23 jumpers 19 jumpers are foreigners from Australia, UK, USA, Netherland, Austria and New Zealand and 4 jumpers from Malaysia.

Participants prepare their parachute inside Wisma Sanyan shopping complex...

there is also TV show the jumpers jump from top floor of Wisma Sanyan

All the jumpers had to jump from the 27th floor of Wisma Sanyan....

After they landed, the crowds all gather to take picture with the friendly jumpers

I have fun watching the BASE jump for the first time although have to wait under the hot sun for the jumpers to jump at the top floor of Wisma Sanyan.

The Video of the Sibu BASE jump 2011

1 comment:

Ken Wooi said...

this is so cool.. i wish to do it some day.. but kinda afraid of the height :P

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