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Monday, July 18, 2011

Harbin Stalin Park, Flood Control Monument And Song Hua River

Flood Control Monument

Front view of flood Control Monument

Flood Control Monument is another place we visit in Harbin, the monument is built to commemorate the tremendous feat of the Harbin people in controlling the massive flood of 1957.

The 13 m monument consists of one Roman-style column topped with statues and a 7-meter-long curving corridor surrounding the column. Eleven small, semi-circular pools near the column mark the water level reached by the flood.

More than four decades later, another flood broke the monument's record, so the site was updated to remember the victims of 1998's disastrous flood.

Back view of the Flood Control Monument

The Stalin Park

Next to the Flood Control Monument is The Stalin Park built in 1953 (Sidalin Gongyuan) and is named after the Russian dictator Joseph Stalin. Stands as evidence of the friendship between the world's two most powerful communist countries at that time.

It is simply a public park that the local Harbin people like to take part in leisure activities all year long.

The park features a spread of flowerbeds and trees.

Also you can find Song Hua River locate at the back the Flood Control Monument and Stalin Park

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