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Friday, April 23, 2010

Inside The Flight Dek Of The Plane

I manage to get into the flight dek of the airaisa plane after requesting permission from the captain to let me have a brief tour of the flight dek, before heading to our destination in HangZhou that day.

For some of you don't know how the flight dek looks like on the plane, here is few photos to show you all.

the place where the captain and his assistant fly the plane using a computer now

the instrument on the dek

It was nice of the Captain for letting me take few shot of the flight dek before the plane takes off to HangZhou that day.


Ken Wooi said...

so cool you dared to ask for the permission to see the deck! luck thing they didnt think you are some terrorist trying to plan some bomb.. haha =P

Iamthewitch said...

Oh so that's how the cockpit looks like! So cool!! :)

M-Knight said...

kenwooi: :p

iamthewitch: cool

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